Cousin Peter’s fishing journal

Posted on Fri April 5, 2013.

Oh I just love Cousin Peter, our family’s eccentric fisherman.
He might sometimes smell a bit fishy, his bakkie always covered with mud. His house a mess … but his garage is as neat as a pin. Every fishing rod has a special place. The shelves are full of fishing paraphernalia. It is his kingdom.
He even has a journal with neat inscriptions of his fishing adventures over the past 15 years. Most of the best fresh water fishing spots in the country is mentioned.
You will find inscriptions like: Vaal Dam, 12 March 2006. Cold and rainy. Used boilies instead of mielies. Landed a few good ones. The smallest came in at 5kgs with the biggest to 7.9 kgs. Predominantly mirrors and grass carp.
If you are nor a fisherman, you would mostly not understand a word he says: “When was the last time you used energy peach wafters and a cell dumbbell on a reversed hair black silt rig 12 cm long?”
Never tell him you don’t understand his fishing lingo. Just let him ramble on …
“Mielies is for the small stuff and mouse trap is by far the best the longer you wait the bigger it gets.
Fascinating man, fascinating.