Couple Retreat package for 2 that will suit you

Posted by Collen on Mon September 21, 2015 in Couple time.

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is well known for its well-appointed accommodation packages with a 4 star rating, which makes it very popular for any couples escape.

Escape for one night at Vaalnest for a special romance retreat with a touch of nature that will be unforgettable. From the picturesque views of the Vaal Dam at an exclusive room, prepare to be pampered with Vaalnest. Get a night escape package that includes more than you bargain for. Our 4star rated accommodation lives up to anybody’s expectations of first class luxury service and hospitality. Vaalnest Boutique Hotels prime focus on Couple escape packages has been running for more than 8 years and we still continue to create a very tantalizing environment for all couples. Our Hotel is leaders in breakaway accommodation with a touch of nature all year round. From our magnificent views at our balconies we certainly are the remedy for any couple breakaway. Recently we launched a couple escape package that is driven to attract those that want to celebrate their anniversary or are having a honeymoon. Our couple escape packages are all different with respect to people’s needs and wants when it comes to accommodation. The one night escape package for example package brings a whole new dimension into accommodation with Vaalnest. The focus was to bring the energy of the couples breakaway in the room by providing only what is necessary to you and your spouse. Get our famous One Night Couple Escape package at Vaalnest for just R702.00 per person which includes 1 night's Accommodation for 2 people in a Luxury Room with a Welcome Champagne for 2 and a R200 Dinner Voucher and Full breakfast for 2, exclusive at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.


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