Countess Flammy Flamenco

Posted on Mon December 7, 2009.

I daringly dabble in doing daredevil stunts in midair whenever the situation requires it of me.  Like earlier today.  I was enjoying a leisurely lunch on the shady deck of mi casa, the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, which overlooks the magnificent Vaal Dam, when I heard a terrible squawk and the ominous sound of wings fluttering at frightening speed. 

My first thought was that my good old friend, Pelicanus, had got himself in a rather tight spot!  He might have underestimated his ever-increasing girth and attempted to fly higher than a bird of his er… stature is advised to do.  Pelicanus is known for nibbling endlessly on countless samples of wedding cake and dreamily thinking about his bride-to-be (which he has not yet met!).  Sometimes, when in his dreamy state, Pelicanus seems to elevate and drift on a pink cloud… to come down to earth sooner or later with a crash, boom, bang!

But alas, this time it was not Pelicanus who came tumbling down from the clear cloudless sky.  It was not a plane.  It was not Superman.  It was… a bird!  The dashingly darling Countess Flammy Flamenco tumbled to a halt right in front of my disbelieving eyes.  She calmly took off her pink sunglasses and made huge eyelashy eyes at me.  She never could fly straight, but her joire-de-vivre attitude made up for that.

“You wanna play, Reggie?”  She wriggled her eyebrows suggestively. 

For sure!  Let no one say His Royal Highness King Reginald Casper the Third is not up for a challenge.  I took that gal by the feathers and spun her right off her gangly legs!  We flew straight to Emerald Casino – a mere 45km away – and proceeded to play with Lady Luck until the wee hours of the morning.  So, if you would care to be my guest at mi casa, you know where to go and play at night.  Just don’t be alarmed when you see a pink flamingo and a gorgeous parrot living it up at the roulette table.