Conferencing at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel

Posted by Collen on Thu July 30, 2015 in Conferencing & Team Building .

The superb Vaalnest Conferencing Centre is at its peak as far as construction is concerned, the Comorant Hall looks to succeed our prestigious Pelican Hall that has hosted many companies to this location.

Our location makes it ideal for a productive yet relaxing solutions driven meeting which is great news when you consider the versatility and the advanced technology that goes with it. Vaalnest Conferencing centre facility is also home to other events that clients can request as this facility can host up to 200 people. Our in-house Events Coordinator is sure to make any event requested be at its number one standards as per the client request, from our efficient projectors and other equipment, your conference will see no unnecessary adjustment in the facility, everything will be at it standards and styled as requested by you. We must also make reference to our fine dining restaurant and all luxurious accommodation that will ensure that the team can relax after a day’s hard work.

As mentioned previously, Vaalnest Conferencing team together with management devised exciting menus that complement the setting, a Hot Selection Menu allows for clients to have various options from over 6 different meals. Other important changes have allowed us to investment in making this first class facility environmentally friendly in terms of energy usage which is crucial by Vaalnest Standards. Vaalnest Conferencing has grown over the years, and has kept up with the changes in the corporate market. So with the completion of the Comorant Hall, we should see ourselves evolving in the corporate market business. Our newly built Vaalnest Conferencing centre is set to be an upscale luxury structure that will still maintain the boutique standards and not compromise our Responsible Tourism policy values concerning environmental friendliness.


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