Conference: public speaking tips

Posted on Sat June 1, 2013 in Conferencing & Team Building .

1. Confidence
The overarching theme behind all of these tips, and therefore the factor that effective public speaking almost always boils down to, is confidence. If you approach every speech in a confident manner by using these tips, 99% of audiences will believe that you have real confidence.
2. Posture
Stand up straight with your feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart, angled slightly outward. Your shoulders should be back and your chin should be parallel to the floor. Your hands should be hanging loosely by your sides, hands and fingers relaxed. This is your default position. Don’t shuffle your feet, clench your fists, look down, put your hands in your pocket or behind your back, or cross your arms. When you gesture, do it deliberately and then return to the default position. This removes distractions and quickly causes the audience to stop paying attention to you the person and start paying attention to what you’re saying.
3. Smile
Not a big, toothy, goofy grin, but not a frown or a “flat” face either. Just a slight active smile. This has a number of effects. First, it lifts the tone of your voice slightly and makes you more pleasant to listen to. Second, it puts your audience at ease and makes them more receptive to your message.
4. Eye contact
At any given point in the speech, you should be looking someone directly in the eye. To connect with the entire audience and not look like you’re trying to see a Magic Eye Puzzle, use the figure 8 technique. Start by looking at someone near the front right side. After a few seconds, move to the middle far right side. Then to the back right side. Then to the middle middle. Then to the front left side. Then to the middle far left side. Then to the back left side. Then to the middle middle. Finally return to the front right side, and repeat. This techniques makes virtually everyone in the audience think you’re looking at them, since when you focus on any one person you can appear to focus on any of the people immediately around him/her.
5. Ignore mistakes
You will slip up while speaking. You will mis-pronounce a word, give the incorrect number to an item in a list, say uhm, or do any of a dozen other things that are considered faults. Whenever they happen, ignore them. Don’t pause in response, don’t apologize for them, don’t correct yourself. Don’t acknowledge your mistakes in any way. When people listen to a live speaker whose content they don’t know, their minds have only fractions of a second to process each word from the speaker before the next one arrives. This means that if you keep going without acknowledging a mistake, you minimize the amount of time the audience has to recognize it, process it as a mistake, and make a judgment based on it. By apologizing or correcting your mistakes, you bring attention to your weak points and give the audience ample time to process them.

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