Climate Change, and its impact on birds

Posted by Collen on Wed March 25, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

23rd March, World Meteorological Day acknowledges what impact climate change has on us

On the 23rd of March was World Meteorological Day. A day acknowledged in the effort to fight climate change. The mission is to create awareness to people around the globe about Global Warming and its impact on the environment around them on a global scale. It is evident that this change has a different impact on animals as well, thus Vaalnest looked at what effects that has on birds, especially since we are a bird friendly hotel. We highlighted 2 important facts as to how Global Warming can impact birds in our country.

  • Loss of Habitat and Degradation: Invasive plant species are likely to spread more which will have an increasing negative impact on water resources such as Dams. Commercial forestry in South Africa is vulnerable to an increased frequency of wildfires which we have seen in the past already. Birds that live around these dry areas are most likely to be extinct.
  • Sea levels rising and changes in overall weather patterns: Most birds will need to adapt in other places because when sea level rises the biodiversity will be severely impacted, this change will mostly be evident in areas like the grasslands, fynbos and the Karoo.

What all of this means is that most species that make a living around the Dams or shoreline and rivers are at risk, also birds that nest on islands or the rocky shores are just as vulnerable. Read more on climate change and also visit our About Us page to read more on Conservation and Carbon Footprint.