Carpe Diem

Posted on Wed December 30, 2009.

This is my least favorite part of the year. Yes, of course I love Christmas!!!! The smell of baked goodies, mistletoe, and ferns is enough to get anyone in a jolly mood. I love New Year’s Day just as much! All the excitement and a bottle of real French Bubbly when the clock strikes 12 are bound to cheer up even the most depressed of all creatures. It’s the week in between that gets on my nerves!
Ah yes, the week between Christmas and New Year, when the Christmas Spirit hasn’t quite worn off yet, and the excitement about the New Year, in this case 2010, is slowly creeping up on you. What’s also creeping up on me is last year’s resolutions list! I try to cram in as many 2009 resolutions as I can into this short week. Skydiving, losing a few centimeters along the gut (blush), keeping a diary, getting some charity work done, and of course the one resolution that seems to be on everyone’s list – get rich quick! Even my dear old friend, Pelicanus Rufescens, fell into a deep form of depression after realizing that ANOTHER year has past and he is still a very eligible bachelor!
I decided to skip all of this stress next year. I will only have one New Year’s resolution for 2010. And it’s a big one!
I, His Royal (and impossibly handsome) Highness, King Reginald Casper the Third, vow to have lots and lots and lots and lots of FUN in 2010. That’s my only resolution!
Carpe Diem, my dear friends!