Carp fishing bait recipes

Posted on Sat June 1, 2013.

Want to learn about carp fishing bait recipes? Carp are large freshwater fish, and they’re much easier to catch if you have the right bait. There are many carp fishing bait recipes that people use to attract carp.
What you need for the carp fishing bait recipe:
• roll of refrigerator bread dough for biscuits
• vanilla extract
• small bowl
• hooks
How to make carp fishing bait recipes:
1. Open roll of biscuit dough. Just unwrap your can of biscuit dough as you normally would to make biscuits.
2. Take one biscuit. Separate one biscuit from the rest of the dough in the can and roll it into a dough ball in your hands. You want it to be a round ball of dough by the time you are finished.
3. Add flavoring. Next, use your vanilla extract to flavor your ball of dough. Just shake some vanilla onto the dough ball or put some vanilla extract into a bowl and then toss your dough ball in it and roll it around until it is covered with vanilla flavoring. Carp love vanilla flavoring or anything sweet or sugary.
4. Finish making dough balls. Repeat the process with each and every biscuit in the roll. There are usually eight or so biscuits in a roll, so you will get eight dough balls for carp fishing bait.
5. Wrap the dough balls. You need to package the dough balls for transportation to your fishing spot. You can wrap them each in some wax paper and then put them all in a one gallon plastic zip lock bag to transport them.
Once you get to the fishing location, you simply put the dough ball on your hook and begin fishing. Carps are extremely attracted to bread dough, and putting something sweet on them like vanilla flavoring or strawberry soda will make them even more irresistible.

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