Better Team Work: This is how you do it!

Posted on Sat March 30, 2013.

Better Team Work: Do you know how to accomplish it?
At Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina, Vaal Dam, we hosted many team building sessions the past year.
Why are team building sessions and corporate conferences so popular?
An expert says corporations realised the past years that problems with a dysfunctional team cannot be solved in the office.
Workers associate work problems and negative office politics with the office space. That is why it is important to get them out of the office and use a skilfully designed program to solve the problems between co workers.
The success of your team is the cornerstone of a flourishing business.
An expert points out a few important factors:
1. Your workers must understand the goals and mission of your business. They must feel they are part of it and they must be sure of the outcomes expected from them.
2. Trust is important. Workers must feel comfortable to take reasonable risks in communicating, advocating positions, and taking action.
3. Communication and respect means workers must be able to express their thoughts, opinions, and potential solutions to problems.
4. Workers must feel they are part of the group and that they are respected as unique individuals.
5. Magic key words on a team’s road to success is: creativity and innovation; and diagnosing, analyzing, and solving team work problems and conflicts.