Best Binoculars for Bird watching

Posted on Fri March 8, 2013 in Birding in Vaal Marina.

Hunting for the Best Binoculars for Bird watching ?
Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is a popular destination for bird watchers at the Vaal Dam.
With only an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, it is easy to break away for a weekend and come armed with your binoculars and other birders paraphernalia.
I have good binoculars, so I thought, until I started bird watching.
Binoculars are expensive and to buy the perfect pair can be either a good investment or a very expensive mistake.
The answer I got after asking around is: There isn’t a perfect birding binocular and one size will not fit all.
The website says one has to decide what features are most important to you and your particular needs.

“The most common configuration for a good all round full size birding binocular is an 8×42 (8x magnification with 42mm objective lenses) as this ensures that you get a nice wide field of view, but with a magnification that is powerful enough to get a good view of the bird. But this may not be the ideal setup for everyone.”

It is good advice because every bird watcher might have different needs.
*Where do you usually do bird watching? If you love observing birds in long distance your needs differ from those who prefer observing birds in a garden.
*Do you go on long hiking trails and need light compact binoculars?
*The more powerful the magnification, the better the pair of binoculars? Wrong, it seems. Magnifications of between 7x and 12x should be fine for birders, according to
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