Barriers to team building

Posted on Sat June 1, 2013.

The barriers to team building restrict the team members to perform and eventually their performance goes down and the organization is at loss.
Understand the various barriers to team building and the methods to overcome them:
When individuals give priority to their personal interests than work, the team suffers.
One has to respect his team as well as his organization to expect the same in return.
Individuals not being clear about the team’s goal and their roles and responsibilities in the team also create problems in effective team building. The goal has to be common. Individuals should not have separate goals.
For a marketing team the goal is to generate revenues for the organization and every one including the team leader has to work towards it.
The roles and responsibilities must be designed according to the team member’s interest, educational qualification and specializations.
Individuals should not accept responsibilities unless and until they are very sure about it. It is better to say a no in the beginning rather than troubling yourself and others later.
When a team is formed, the team members are almost new to each other. They do not know each other well and feel shy and hesitant. It is important to break the ice among the employees in the very beginning otherwise it becomes a strong barrier later. We are not robots who can start working just by the push of a button and work non stop without even talking to each other. Human Beings must talk to each other, discuss things among themselves and trust each other. Don’t always assume that everyone is jealous of your work and will harm you. Trust people, it will reduce half of your tensions.
Lack of discussions is again a barrier to effective team building. Team members must not sit quietly in team meetings, instead should speak their heart out. One must participate willingly. Debates are important and strategies or policies should not be implemented without evaluating the pros and cons. Every team member must have a say in the team’s decisions. Don’t attend meetings just for fun, come prepared.
Poor communication is also one of the barriers to effective team building. Too much of a complicated hierarchy also result in poor and ineffective communication. Unorganized thoughts and abstract ideas create misunderstandings and confusions among the team members and in turn decrease the productivity of the team. Individuals should be very careful about what they speak. One should never use derogatory statements or lewd remarks in the office. It is better to communicate through mails as it is more reliable.
Lack of discipline and punctuality also create problems in team. Never be late for work. It is unprofessional to keep others waiting. Always reach before time for team meetings and discussions. One should also maintain the decorum of the workplace. Do not indulge yourselves in unproductive things. Don’t loiter around unnecessarily.

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