Astrology in the office

Posted on Wed February 6, 2013.

What is the influence of astrology in the office?

Why would a team building session at the Vaaldam be a good idea? Such sessions at the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at the Vaaldam offer a perfect break away from the office. Just an hour out of the city. The tranquil setting of the hotel at the Vaaldam offers the perfect environment to get out of the office and get to know your colleagues better.
The main reason why companies need team building sessions away from the office is because of the variety of personality types thrown together in one office. If you know the different personality types of astrology you would know that a variety of personality types can mean conflict in the workplace.
That is why the team building sessions at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is so close to our heart. We have many success stories to tell.
Our dear Everlona (a typical Gemini) is the lady who’s phone number (016 3721075) you should keep on speed dial if you urgently want a team building session to form a strong team with the different personality types in your office. She coordinates the whole event from the accommodation to the food and the fun team building sessions.
Now, let’s see if you can guess your colleagues star signs!

If you’re an Aries, for instance, you’re a leader working toward well-defined goals.

As a Taurus, you’re all about budgeting and follow-through – at your own pace.

Gemini’s are quick, versatile, and always selling.

Cancers know the current location of everyone in the building. You may not sign the checks, but budgeting works better when you’re looped in.

You can’t forget the CEO if you’re a Leo. That’s you in temperament, if not title.

As a Virgo, you’re the resident process geek. You’re an awesome manager. (Guess what the star sign of Keith Attwell the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel’s manager is?)

Libras tend to be mediators or concierges who say the right thing and diffuse any tension.

Scorpios are hackers or troubleshooters who care deeply about their work.

If you’re a Sagittarius, you’re a field rep or product evangelist.

Of course, Capricorns know who’s really running the show. You optimize the system, tweak the hardware, and keep the resources flowing.

An Aquarius would be at least partially responsible for the value of the enterprise. You’re deep into long-term strategy and revolutionary shortcuts.

A Pisces might be drawn to creative development, research, or record keeping.