As the Heatwave continues to gush on all of us, an Outdoor water sport activity combo might just be the answer.

Posted by Collen on Wed January 6, 2016 in Vaalnest News.

Any outdoor activity during this time of the year can be ideal for anyone who is pretty much adventurous. Festive Season is over and for those that are still on holiday, Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has something for all you just before you head back into the real world. Our tranquil luxurious setting is known for its unique nature experience that one gets as they enter the gates of wonder. What makes Vaalnest so unique is the fact that we sell an experience like no other one imaginable. We offer more than just luxury accommodation, our first-hand experience in accommodating the adventurous has been seen through the years. Our leisure market has expanded and our range of outdoor activities are just the right start to experiencing the magic of this hotel. Try the River Rafting and Quad Biking Combo at Vaalnest and be sure to wrap up your holiday in style. This first class outdoor activity deal is a cross between Mother Nature and personal feel of human nature to explore the wonders of what nature has to offer. Let us share with you some details on this outdoor activity madness:

For just of R600.00 per person, you get more buck for your money as you get to explore the unlimited power of nature.

Duration: 2-4hrs, depending on water level

Start Location: Tapimanzi River Camp

Departure Times: As per availability

Dress: Costume, Strops/Flip flops, Hat to prevent sunburn, Shorts, T-shirt, Wet-suit in Winter, Sunglasses strap

Fitness Level: If any medical procedures have been experienced, if on any medication, if subject to any seizures, or other medical conditions, e.g. diabetes, anxiety, do not hesitate to tell us!

Pack: Dry clothes after the trip, Towel, Sun block a definite must, Windbreaker, Spec-floats, Soft drinks, Snacks for the river, Energy drinks, Water

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is well known for its well-appointed accommodation packages with a 4 star rating, making it very popular for any romantic couple escape, team building and even conferencing to just a leisure holiday getaway.