Are you a horrible boss?

Posted on Sun April 28, 2013.

During team building sessions at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina, Vaal Dam many team members get to know each other … and themselves. Even bosses!
A recent feature in Forbes magazine says no one starts out their career trying to be a horrible boss:
“Yet, it’s amazing what a vast majority of folks seem to accomplish this feat with absolutely no training whatsoever. Maybe we’re born bad bosses. It just comes naturally. Hopefully, you can shake off some of the worst traits.”
The magazine offers a list of telltale signs of horrible bosses. Here are a few:
*Plans? Who need them? You work in a very dynamic industry/company. You prefer to make decisions on the fly — in the moment. Long term planning and telling your team what they’re trying to accomplish this year individually and as a group? That’s something they did back in the 70s before email.
*Performance reviews? Is it that time of year again? They’re such a waste of time. You’ve got to actually sit with each of your people in your office and actually talk to them not about you, but them. There’s too much on your and their plates to waste time on that. Surely, you can push them off a few months.
*What is it with this younger generation today? You’ve got to take some of these people down a peg or two so they know their place. It’s especially important to do this with people who attended a more prestigious college than you or seem to have some halo over them based on something they did in their prior job.
*You spend more time playing office politics to get the next promotion instead of actually doing work your group is responsible for. Hey, it’s how you get ahead right? So why knock playing politics. You probably wouldn’t be in your current job if you hadn’t brown-nosed to get it, so why stop doing something that’s worked before. And in terms of you not getting enough work done, isn’t that why you’ve got people working for you?