Are you a good team?

Posted on Sun April 28, 2013.

During team building sessions at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina, Vaal Dam success often depends on your ability to build a team, as well as to interact with others on that team.
Together, people are able to accomplish what one person alone can not. This is known as synergy.
Following are the characteristics of a Good/Effective team:
A clear, elevating goal: This is a goal which has been communicated to all.
A results-driven structure: The goal has been jointly decided by all the team members. They are fully committed towards achieving it.
Competent members: Each team member has the required skill set in order to achieve the team objectives.
Unified commitment: There is nothing happening in silos. With the total commitment from team members, achieving organizational goals becomes easier.
A collaborative climate: Commitment from team members and a good leadership leads to a collaborative team with a productive work environment.
Standards of excellence: Quality orientation is vital to the success of any organization.
External support and recognition: Appreciation as well as appraisal is required to keep the morale of the team high.
Principled leadership: Leadership defines a team. An able-bodied leadership can chart the team’s path to success.
Each team member participates actively and positively in meetings as well as projects. This shows a person’s commitment as well as understanding towards a project.