Africa Day Celebrations continue, Vaalnest shares its views

Posted by Collen on Tue June 2, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

The African Union, a major organization that has put in so much work to make this continent a better place for all. Over the past months however we know that’s was not the case in South Africa. Xenophobic attacks exposed the gap we still got to fill as people of this beautiful nation. The AU has brought together the continent of Africa to collectively address the challenges it has faced, these challenges (also covered in our social blog page) include

  • Conflict: Any nation should not subject themselves to xenophobic attacks or discrimination of any kind to any human being, thus we must educate the upcoming generation regarding such sensitive issues.
  • Climate change: All establishments, foundation or business if you may must adhere to certain policies highlighting environmental conservation.
  • Poverty: The biggest challenge to date, sadly not much changes regarding inequality in many African countries, poverty will always strive unless inequality is addressed and resources are allocated accordingly in a sustainable approach.

In South Africa, it was critical for this celebrations to take place following a down fall in the economy regarding the recent xenophobia events. According to the AU the Africa Month programme will strengthen issues surrounding the socio, cultural, economic and political relations among African nations. The AU also highlights that their national interest has being fundamentally “linked to the entire continent’s stability, unity and prosperity”.

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