Africa Day 2015, on the 25th May Vaalnest urges you to Celebrate Africa Day

Posted by Collen on Wed May 20, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

It should be known by now president Jacob Zuma is set to lead the Africa Day celebrations. The theme of the day is “We are Africa”.

Celebrations will be held at the Mamelodi Campus, at the University of Pretoria. As South Africans coming from a dramatic the recent and past xenophobic attacks, it is crucial we pour our hearts out to our fallen brother and sisters. Therefore this important day also allows us the opportunity for fellow South Africans to recouple themselves in support of all government interventions and initiatives in developing a better Africa for all. Such a celebration should see a continuation to the future and should be in everyone’s minds for years to come. As a country of a past great struggle we should pride ourselves in using our resources to enforce stakeholders and major role players to invest in such movements and make changes where needed. Major challenges faced by our nation are:

  • Climate Change: All establishments, foundation or business if you may must adhere to certain policies highlighting environmental conservation.
  • Conflict: We do not condone xenophobic attacks or discrimination of any kind to any human being, thus we must educate the upcoming generation regarding such sensitive issues.
  • Poverty: The biggest challenge to date and as a nation we have not seen much changes regarding inequality, poverty will always strive unless inequality is addressed and resources are allocated accordingly in a sustainable approach.

Celebrate Africa Day 2015 with Vaalnest from this weekend, also visit our About Us page to read more on Human Capital Investment and Development.