Adventure Cycle Tour with Vaalnest

Posted by Collen on Thu September 17, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Fun and exhilarating activities to do this summer are endless, Vaalnest is a one stop visit to get right in touch with nature. So come and experience some beautiful scenic views of the Vaal Dam as you take a ride by the water front.

Vaalnest Tours includes the best of cycling around the best routes of Vaal Marina that are filled with beautiful scenic routes. Take a ride on our modern bicycles, which boast comfort at cruising speeds. A map of our area is can be provided thereof making it easy to follow this adventurous route down all the way to the waterfront and harbour. Additionally all bikes are subjected to terms as per Vaalnest so a hire fee is requested with a copy of your I.D which can be done at reception before use. All cycling routes run for 2hours making them easy to navigate and site see your favourite locations. Part of what makes Vaalnest Cycle Tours interesting is the fact that we situated right at the Vaal Dam, so there’s plenty to see and do, also along the route visitors can stop for some refreshments which can be at one of our local shops. Visit our website to view other packages and special offers.


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