A Winter Warmers Welcome to Vaalnest

Posted by Collen on Wed June 3, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

By now we all know winter has kicked in, Vaalnest explores ways to get warm without compromising the fun.

Winter season has been upon us now for 3 days, it is reported that this week alone temperatures could plummet within the single digit mark below 10*C. A geographical scale reveals that South Africa lies on a subtropical zone, this makes us have a wider variety of climates than most other countries in sub-Saharan Africa alone. Research further shows us that we also have lower average temperatures than other countries within this range of latitude. All this may sound dampening to your ears but ultimately it is still not a reason to lessen the fun of having a weekend getaway if you were planning one with family. So Vaalnest wants to encourage you on our Winter Warmers Special offer that is exclusively based on a package from a Spa treatment deal. Even though regular cold fronts pass over in winter like they always have over the past years, they are known to bring very cold southerly winds on usually clear skies, this gives you the opportunity to still go out and enjoy the sceneries overlooking the vast Vaal Dam or visiting nature reserves to get in touch with nature. All these chilling vibes are just right at your door step, so visit our website and click on the Special Offers tab to book now. Remember though regardless where you are in South Africa, in winter temperatures can drop below freezing, so stay warm at all times and encourage others to look out for any changes in temperature especially when going out on holiday. 


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