A View & Piña Coladas

Posted on Wed February 17, 2010.

The cool waters of the mighty Vaal Dam glistens invitingly in the late afternoon sun. Several dozen sailboats bob lazily as speedboats leave long trails of white foam behind. From my royal perch on the porch of Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, I have a perfect view on what is happening on the dam. I slowly sip delectable piña coladas as I adjust the telescope to take in the enchanting view of a curvy lady in a white bikini zigzagging across the dam on a powerful jetski. Ooh, this is life!

A couple of bass fishermen celebrate their latest catch by adding more marinated meat to their braai. I can smell the sizzling boerewors and kudu steaks even from up here! Hmm, time to eat. I ring the bell with my beak and can’t help but smile proudly at the neatly dressed waiter that seems to appear out of thin air. The service here at my castle is of world class standard. I order our famous ribs from the menu and decide to spoil myself with chocolaty Italians kisses. Oh, and please send the masseuse to take care of the slight cringe in my neck…