A Vaalnest Romantic getaway

Posted by Collen on Fri January 15, 2016 in Couple time.

Our Valentines Special offer is pretty much getting the popularity it deserves, make your booking today to claim your spot in this lavish romantic scenic site.

We all know that next month is the month of love, well for some though it may be business as usual but for many this is the right time to claim that love spark back. Vaalnest has a special offer that might just do the trick, the Lovenest Valentine Special, a package like no other and certainly a first for Vaalnest to package and offer solely dedicated to this global day. So far the year has kicked off to a good start with regards to accommodation, additionally packages appeal more to people then just plain accommodation. Vaalnest understands what the client wants and thus we deliver, from Spa packages to Accommodation packages, we have it all. However the Vaalnest Perfect Romantic Retreat tells us that: The Vaalnest Boutique Hotel offers a perfect romantic break away setting for two that is full of joyful moments to be captured and remembered. The rooms all have a view of the dam and romantic dinners can be set up on your own private balcony. This is definitely what we want our clients to experience and more. We also further create our packages to make them appeal to that particular client for that particular occasion. Visit our website for more information on these offers and more.


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