A unique hotel within the midst of Gauteng, and what it has to offer.

Posted by Collen on Mon April 20, 2015 in Couple time.

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has a unique setting as far as Gauteng accommodation is concerned. One can’t just overlook the fact that nature and its scenery is all around you with breath taking views of the mountains and the vast Vaal Dam. This hotel in the back drops of Vereeniging is the epitome of accommodation in Gauteng. Its uniqueness is what sets it apart including a tropical like architectural structure with its gold colour covering every inch of its walls makes it visible in the vast lash green trees surrounding it. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has been operating for the past 8 years now and the adventure never stops because nature will be at your fingertips at all times whether you come from Durban of Cape Town. Consider this hotel when the holiday bug bites you, and Vaal Marina has it all as far as Gauteng accommodation is concerned, ideal for nature lovers as this brings the tranquillity at your front door. It is known that when you think Gauteng accommodation this will include boutique hotels that represent royalty in up market cities and towns that bring luxury.

However Vaalnest seems to blend nature and luxury together very well and still remains unique in doing that which has made it stand out from the rest for so long, and being the only hotel in the quite town of Vaal Marina there is no excuse not to find it. Vaalnest affords you that chance of being away from the city life and have a tranquil experience in the region of Gauteng. Vaalnest also fuses the market of business travel and family adventure travel into one market when seeking accommodation in the boundaries of Gauteng. See nature for what it is and learn conservation when traveling and it doesn’t matter for what purpose because the all-round experience will be the same. Let your hair down when taking a holiday and plan an adventure getaway to the Vaal and experience accommodation in Gauteng like you have never before. Certainly there’s nothing to lose in having a couple retreat or weekend getaway followed by a range of fun activities to get the heart rate going. Ask yourself what is it that fills your cup of tea, what it is that you want to do different this time.