A Team Building fun adventurous game to try at Vaalnest

Posted by Collen on Mon October 26, 2015 in Conferencing & Team Building .

Survivor and race challenges are some of the most popular activities many people find attractive, they are fun and interactive and will certainly help build any team spirit.

Most survivor games require some level of fitness and endurance in order to be able to complete them successfully. This goes without saying that if you want to complete and win any Team Building challenge you need more than just strength, these games require trust and the ability to trust others capabilities and your own. Survivor and race challenging requires a lot from everyone as this is a team effort to solve various obstacles and mysteries on the way. In fact teambuilding is the sole reason for these courses being designed and built. Each of the obstacles are created in such a manner that they represent a microcosm of daily problems and barriers in the workplace. The team building courses like the high rope or low rope for example do not demand super fitness or brute strength - but rather ingenuity, an ability to solve problems and search for alternatives, through teamwork. We are faced with many challenges at the work place thus it’s our duty to create a space where all these problems can be dealt with in such a manner that requires teamwork effort throughout and set goals. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel plays host to this magnificent game called Survivor and Race challenge, book with us a team building experience you have never had before. Experience nature all round as you soak in the fresh air of the country side overlooking the picturesque views of the Vaal Dam.


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