A Strangeness about this vibe..

Posted on Wed June 2, 2010.

Something was up. Whenever my right tail feather had a bad hair day, I knew there were bad vibes coming my way. And this morning my right tail feather resembled the washed out fur of a flea infested kitten that got a half hour free spin in a faulty tumble dryer set on high. Even Ronda glared at me with a crazed PMS 24/7 look. Pelicanus snorted and growled when he saw me and lifted his cane in a threatening gesture as if to ward off the evil eye. I decided to make myself scarce for the day, to go and hide somewhere and lick my imaginary wounds. “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms…” I put bread and cheese in a knapsack and slung it over my left shoulder. I put on my walking shoes, tightened my leather belt, and adjusted my beanie. All I needed now was a horse to carry me off into the sunset… Feeling very sorry for myself, I flapped my wings a few times to loosen up the tired muscles. Lift-off! I clapped and swatted for all I was worth and nearly flew straight into the chimney.

What on earth? There was a strange pelican lurking on the roof. She looked decidedly under the weather with a bluish tint to what would normally be a pale pink complexion. She looked at me with imploring eyes, limp and exhausted from the grating cough raking her too frail skeleton. “Flu…” she tried to explain my questioning look and had a big sneeze that shook the rafters. She pushed a wrapped up bundle towards me with her wing. “Baby… look after it…”
I was totally gobsmacked as I watched in disbelief as a tiny fist beat the air and then a high pitched wailing sound send me in a great panic from the roof to fetch both Ronda and Pelicanus in a big hurry. At first they just stared at me with amusement and light irritation for daring to tell such a tall tale. But when the baby’s shrieks reached us where we stood on the balcony of Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, they both gave a start and hurried to the rescue. Pelicanus took care of the ill female pelican aptly named Pelly. He carried her from the roof. Meanwhile Ronda and I airlifted the baby to safety.
Now what to do?