A Retreat For Two

Posted by Collen on Mon March 2, 2015 in Couple time.

Every couple needs a getaway, Vaalnest outlines what to consider.

Most if not every romantic couples retreat is going to differ for every pair. While some may enjoy staying in their luxurious rooms for an entire weekend, others could even enjoy spending time at most going on long walks in the quiet town of Vaal Marina watching all kinds of birds flying around and even overlooking the vast Vaal Dam from every street, or engaging in a variety of activities such as Hiking, Water sports and even Quad biking as well as some Cycling offered by Vaalnest Boutique Hotel. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel keeps in mind the needs of the other, we truly understand this. We provide packages that will suite your needs and to really have an overall tranquil nature experience overlooking the Vaal Dam and still gain some vital understanding of what it means to be a couple. There is also a spa treatment which includes a med therapy (Detox) to get your body rejuvenated for a weekend filled with fun. Another thing to think about is the length of your getaway so at Vaalnest we have managed to map out our location as accurately as possible using GPS Coordinates. This will help plan your trip to be more efficient when you know where you going. Time is important so once you are able to get there in the allocated time frame, as a couple you are able to plan your program for the stay according to the package requested. Let’s assume you can only manage checking in late for one night and checking out early the next morning, you may also want to plan for a different weekday filled with fun or weekend. To really get the most out of the experience at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, it is best to have the experience of at least two full days and one night for a romantic retreat.