A quiz on Fishing lingo

Posted on Thu March 21, 2013.

Distinguished fisherman enjoy the accommodation and fine dining at the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina, Vaal Dam. We love their sense of humor and fishing stories!

If you would like to join in a conversation with a fishing enthusiast, you must understand the fishing lingo!

Do you know what these terms and phrases mean?
Fishing dummies, show us how much you know about fishing!
* the bite indicator
a) how many mosquito bites you have
b) you want to bite into a giant steak
c) that thingie telling fisherman they’ve got a bite
* I got a small run with no hook up
a) you haven’t got a date for the evening
b) nobody helped you tow away your car
c)You are a fisherman and nearly had a bite
* rebaited
a) ate breakfast again
b) called the girl you met last night again
b) you put new bait on your hook
* fish breaching the surface
a) fish surfing
b) fish enjoying the early morning
c) fish jumping out of the water
* I had my first fish on the bank
a) I went to the bank to draw money to buy a fish
b)I took a fish to my bank manager
c)I caught a fish and reeled it in
* where the cast was made
a) a gambling term
b) referring to the hospital where your broken arm was treated
c) where you cought the fish
* landing it
a) a good deal
b) you got a new job
c) you caught a fish