A New Year at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel 2016, Any Resolutions?

Posted by Collen on Mon January 4, 2016 in Events.

Even though the country is still experiencing some heatwave, most of us are still on holiday, for some though its business as usual as from today and for others? Well it’s simply a new start.

A New Year means a new start for all of us, whether you have made any commitments or resolutions for the year, ultimately you are bound for new beginnings. Keeping up to those is another story all together, we all know not many of us adhere to those needed changes in our lives even though we know we have to. A new start does not mean a person has to change themselves to suite the environment in which he or she exists, you cannot give yourself up for the sake of making others happy. Whatever resolutions you may have for any year those are for you and you only. Among us are those that understand the word of God which emphasizes a lot on being committed to a righteous life, therefore we cannot just make any commitments to others and to ourselves without including some kind of spiritual link with the most high. Any change needs some kind of catalyst or push if you will in order for it to happen swiftly, therefore be motivated this year to make a new start in your life, regardless of what that may be, go for it and achieve it. Having said that Vaalnest wishes each and every one of you a prosperous and blessed New Year of 2016.


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