A Home Channel series Guiding You Home set to shoot its 2nd Season at Vaalnest

Posted by Collen on Wed October 14, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Guiding You Home is currently filming the second season of their celebrated property reality series. One of the episodes is going to be filmed on location at the Vaal Dam, at the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.

Mr Koopman, Senior Producer of the Home Channel has confirmed the shoot of an episode in the second season of Guiding You Home property series to be shot at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel. This comes after Nicoline Gobler from Harcourts Properties recommended our hotel as the best spot to play host for this magnificent production. Additionally the senior producer Mr Koopman wanted to film one of the episodes on a location at the Vaal Dam, so it didn’t take much convincing when our boutique hotel was the desired location. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has one of the best picturesque views overlooking the Vaal Dam, this makes us a popular spot for couples and adventure travellers. With so many adventurous and non-adventurous activities to do on sight we are the best holiday destination around the Vaal. Each episode of Guiding You Home introduces a set of home buyers with specific requirements. The producers then team the home buyer up with a real estate agent in the area. The agent is tasked to present three homes that are more or less in line with the buyer's requirements. Hopefully at the end of the episode the real estate agent takes an offer on one of the homes, which is what the producers are aiming for. The series also filmed on locations throughout South Africa, making it an all-round production series that feature the most beautiful homes across the nation. This particular episode however will feature the Vaal Dam and viewers will find out what makes real estate in this area so sought after. Nicoline Grobler will be the featured real estate agent in this episode.


If you are looking to buy a home in the quiet holiday town of Vaal Marina be sure to catch this episode as it airs towards the end of the month of November, a lot will be featured regarding purchasing a home in a country like location and the style, and if you are also interested in finding information about new homes maybe you can write to the home channel by visiting their website on www.thehomechannel.co.za. The particular scene that will be filmed at Vaalnest will showcase the meeting between Nicoline and the buyer where she establishes what the buyers are looking for in a new home. Be sure to catch the series as it airs on the 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of November 2015 which includes repeats of the series. Keep visiting our Facebook page as we countdown this filmed episode on the Home Channel Dstv Channel 176.

Vaalnest would like to thank The Senior Producer of The Home Channel and crew for choosing this location and also a big thank you to Nicoline Gobler from Harcourts Properties Vaal Marina for her support.



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