A Fishing widow makes a plan

Posted on Thu February 21, 2013 in Couple time.

Tired of being a fishing widow?
Do you feel that your husband spends more time at the Vaal Dam waiting for that big fish to show up than with you?
There is an old saying: if you cannot beat him, join him!
Book a luxurious room at the Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel where you can spend the day at leisure reading a book while he enjoys his fishing …. And when he returns from his day of fun in the sun … maybe you can have some fun together!
I have recently spoken to a woman who says she cannot rack her brains trying to understand why her dear husband would prefer getting up at 3:00 in the morning, pack a load of fishing “must haves” and go off to the Vaal Dam to sit and wait in the early hours of the morning waiting for a “big one”.
Some ladies join their husbands and love the sport of fishing, she admits. She has tried it.
“But it is not my thing.”
My dear friend made another plan. She decided to make an effort to “save her marriage” from a “fishing divorce”. She started bird watching. A hobby her husband finds very boring!
“But at least I can join him in nature at the Vaal Dam. I discovered it is also a Mecca for bird watchers! It changed our relationship because we respect each other’s hobbies. Since birding became my new obsession I can understand my spouses strange obsession about waiting for a fish. I now spend afternoons waiting for a bird!”
Luckily the scenic environment at the Vaal Dam offers the perfect setting for them to enjoy nature together!
Yes, she says, she might take up my invitation and book a romantic room at the Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina. I told her about the fine dining and the tranquil atmosphere.
Hope we see them, at the hotel soon!