2015, our year of luxury accommodation in the Vaal

Posted by Collen on Wed December 2, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

What is to like at Vaalnest that is uniquely put together to make this your number one destination stop no matter where you are heading? A hotel that stands out when it comes to luxury accommodation in the Vaal.

Whilst most people may find this appealing, it’s only natural then to consider a hotel like Vaalnest Boutique Hotel which is known to be identified with the most natural architectural building styles known to men. Vaalnest offers luxury accommodation in the Vaal that is uniquely packaged to suite you. This year has been no exception, the completion of 6 rooms and new conference centre will a set a stage for bigger and greater things to come at Vaalnest. 2015 is coming to a close and Vaalnest would like to highlight a few highs over the past year. We have invested a lot of money and time into making this place what it is, for the most part though we would like to make this about our clients, the people that supported us from day 1 and continue to do so up till now. We would like to wish all of you a happy Festive Season and may you all grace us with your visits once again. Luxury accommodation in the Vaal has never been so peaceful and warm, our quaint natural environment takes you deeper to an alluring nature experience with a touch of tranquillity. This is what makes us different and it’s this tradition that our customers understand and find appealing. Our dedication and hardwork is something out of this world, our investment opportunities of the year have also taken shape and many young and skilful local people have been a part of including our staff. This I’m refering to our recent prestigious awards including the SASDC Entrepreneur of the Year, of course just to mention a few. Vaalnest takes Luxury accommodation in the Vaal and puts it on a map, a year of greatness indeed and many more years are upon us in this regard.


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