2 Best Spa Treatments to do with your significant other

Posted by Collen on Mon October 12, 2015 in Couple time.

The Calabash Foot Treatment and The Rolling Sands Full Body Massage are among the best treatments to share the best moments with that special someone.


Vaalnest unleashes some romantic advice to take with you when considering to try any spa treatment. We know that Spa’s are popular amongst women and with the constant change in the world, lines have been crossed and many males are now getting into being pampered once in a while. Vaalnest has also designed some packages that are aimed at couples to give an all-round feeling of a retreat when visiting us. You can also book these treatments with your accommodation. Here are a few tips that will help make your Spa Treatment with your partner a delightful experience:

As a couple, it’s best you keep it simple and incorporate fun into the experience when planning a couples’ spa excursion or even day visits. Set it up so you can spend time together after a massage with private Jacuzzis and showers, lunch at the spa should be an ideal time to have that more private quality time to actually catch up or share your ongoing experience about each treatment of the day. Other Spa's are also teaching couples’ spa classes where you can experience a class on how to give each other a very soothing massage, so consider these classes to make your experience ongoing. Vaalnest Provides an opportunity for visitors to even purchase various products that go with each treatment, this helps keep you in check at home after the treatment is done.

Here’s Vaalnest Best Couple Treatments:

Calabash Foot Treatment: A True African experience, soaking tired, aching feet in the mineral enriched Kalahari Salt crystals. Stroking movements, reliving the stress and tension with the Kalahari Calabashes. What is nice about this treatment is that it is flexible, meaning you can have conversations with your partner whilst having this treatment done. Drink you fabulous champagne whilst indulging in the most stress reliving massage on your legs.

The Rolling Sands Full Body Massage: Experience complete relaxation with our signature Full Body Massage. Botanical Oils in combination with unique massage movements not only enhance skin tone but relieve muscle tension. What is nice about this treatment is that you zone out as you go on a journey of self-discovery, the results are you get to tell your partner about you experience as if they were not there with you.