15 Minutes can save your marriage

Posted on Thu February 14, 2013 in Couple time.

Did you know you sometimes just need 15 minutes per day to save your marriage?
Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel in Vaal Marina offers a tranquil break away to the Vaal Dam, near Vereeniging. A place where you and your loved one will have time away from home to sit and talk. Your own couple’s therapy session.
Shruti S. Poulsen, a psychologist at the Purdue University, feels married couples need at least 15 minutes meaningful conversation per day to keep the marriage a happy one.
It is strange how a couple can diarize the service of their car and daily family needs as dentists appointments and taking in the dry cleaning … but they do not make time to talk!
Poulsen feels strengthening marriage bonds with regular conversations are more important than a family’s daily schedule.
Modern couples are very busy. Especially if both partners work long hours. That’s why it is necessary to make time for a chat to your spouse.
Very often the couple need to break away from the house including kids, dogs and cats to get a better perspective on things. They need to be alone in a quiet tranquil space.
At Vaal Nest we often get couples who just want to have such quiet time together. Vaal Marina is a tranquil town where they can take long walks and enjoy the sights of the Vaal Dam.
Poulsen feels a couple need’s to make time to do things together. Even if it is just cooking dinner together or sharing a pot of tea before bedtime.
It is something all married couples know, but somehow they do not make time for a chat.
Maybe it’s time to pick up the phone and book a romantic room at Vaal Nest. It is one of the choice accommodations at the Vaal Dam for couples. And it is just an hours drive from the city.
The beautiful setting of Vaal Nest will offer you more than 15 minutes talking time per day!