Cocoon Wrap

The Kalahari Botanical Clay Mask used for the Cocoon Wrap treatment is a very unique mineral and botanical based body mask, which can be used as a 2-in-1 exfoliator and mask. The antioxidant rich powder base is infused with extracts from the Red Bush Tea, giving it a distinct, natural and refreshing smell. Soft Apricot enhance gentle exfoliation and stimulate blood circulation. Restoring the skin balance and wellness.

Botanical Clay Mask Options:

  • Clay Cocoon wrap
  • Desert Glow Cocoon Wrap
  • Aromatic Sugar Cocoon Wrap
  • African Coffee Cocoon Wrap
  • Aloe Cocoon Wrap
  • Sugar Cocoon WrapCocoon Wrap Options:


Cocoon Wrap

Vaalnest Cocoon wrap
  • Arrival tea/coffee
  • Welcome
  • Main Treatment
  • A cup of Red Bush Tea to Complete your Treatment